Q1. _________. Can I close the window?

A) I cold
B) I’m cold
C) I have cold
D) It has cold

Q2. Tom ________. He’s at work.

A) isn’t here
B) not here
C) doesn’t have
D) no is here

Q3. ______________? No, she’s out.

A) is home your mother
B) Does your mother home
C) Is your mother home
D) Are your mother home

Q4. These shoes are nice. ______________

A) How much are they?
B) How many are they?
C) How much they are?
D) How much is they?

Q5. Look, there’s Sarah. _________________a brown coat.

A) She wearing
B) She has wearing
C) She is wearing

Q6. You can turn off the TV. _______________it.

A) I’m not watch
B) I’m not watching
C) I not watching
D) I don’t watching

Q7. _____________ today? Yes, he is.

A) Is working Ben
B) Is work Ben
C) Is Ben work
D) Is Ben working

Q8. Look, there’s Emily! _____________.

A) Where she is going?
B) Where she go?
C) Where’s she going?
D) Where she going?