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Complete the sentences using the following verbs:

cause(s) / close(s) / connect(s)  / go(es) / live(s) / speak(s) / take(s)

A. speaks

A. go

A. causes

A. closes

A. live

A. take

A. connects


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Put the verb into the correct form.

A. doesn’t drink

A. do the banks close

A. don’t use

A. does Maria come

A. do you do

A. does this word mean

A. doesn’t do

A. takes / does it take


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Complete the sentences using these verbs. Sometimes you need the negative.

believe / eat / flow / go / grow / make / rise / tell / translate

A. goes

A. doesn’t grow

A. rises

A. make

A. don’t eat

A. doesn’t believe

A. translates

A. don’t tell

A. flows


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You ask Lisa questions about herself and her family. Write the questions.

A. do you play tennis

A. Does your sister play tennis

A. How often do you go to the cinema?

A. What does your brother do?

A. Do you speak Spanish?

A. Where do your grandparents live?


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Complete using the following: I agree / I apologise / I insist / I promise / I recommend / I suggest

A. I suggest

A. I promise

A. I insist

A. I apologise

A. I recommend

A. I agree