Q1. The earth ________ around the sun.

A) going
B) go
C) goes
D) does go
E) is go

Q2. We _______ late on weekends.

A) often sleep
B) sleep often
C) often sleeping
D) are often sleep

Q3. We ________ TV very often.

A) not watch
B) doesn’t watch
C) don’t watch
D) don’t watching
E) watch not

Q4. “__________ the guitar?” “Yes, but I’m not very good.”

Q5.  I don’t understand this sentence. What _________?

A) mean this word
B) means this word
C) does mean this word
D) does this word mean
E) this word means

Q6. Please be quiet. ___________.

A) I working
B) I work
C) I’m working
D) I’m work

Q7.Tom _________ a shower every morning.

Q8. What _________ on weekends?

A) do you usually
B) are you usually doing
C) are you usually do
D) do you usually do
E) you do usually

Q9. Sarah isn’t feeling well. __________ a headache.