backup file :



A. ’s tying / is tying
A. They’re crossing / They are crossing
A. He’s scratching / He is scratching
A. She’s hiding / She is hiding
A. They’re waving / They are waving


backup file:



[f] I’m trying to work.


[e] It’s getting late.


[g] I’m staying with friends.


[a] I’m getting hungry.


[d] They’re trying to sell it.


[h] The company is losing money.


[b] They’re lying.


[c] It’s starting to rain.


backup file :


Write questions.

A. What’s happening?

A. Why are you crying?

A. Is she working today?
A. What are you doing these days?
What is she studying? / What’s she studying?
A. What are they doing?
A. Are you enjoying it?
A. Why are you walking so fast?


backup file :


Put the verb into the correct form:

Positive or Negative.

A. I’m trying
A. It isn’t raining
A. I’m not listening / I am not listening
A. She’s having / She is having
A. He’s learning / He is learning
A. they aren’t speaking / they’re not speaking / they are not speaking
A. it’s getting / it is getting
A. isn’t working / ’s not working / is not working
A. I’m looking / I am looking
A. It’s working / It is working
A. They’re building / They are building
A. He’s not enjoying / He is not enjoying
A. The weather’s changing / The weather is changing
A. He’s starting / He is starting